Lydia Lunch in a recent interview – art break

Lydia Lunch — always reminds me of what’s important- art, intensity, vision, risk and a tincture of mayhem.  Here, she talks about her influences and what drives her art.   From the description – “New York-born Lydia Lunch is a singer, poet, writer, actor, visual artist, and the fourth subject of our Sound & Vision series. From signaling the end of Punk with her first band, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, to presenting art installations as a reaction to Tracey Emin I want you to smell the blood on the sheets Lunchs work is provocative to say the least. In this film, featuring excerpts from her live performances, she talks about how Goya and Marcel Duchamp are amongst her favourite artists”

I love this woman’s work and have been following her since the beginning there is really no one quite like her.  She is uncompromising, confrontational and sexy as mayhem in a dream.  Oh yea, and I’ve met her, and she’s really nice to boot!


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