Moderate Muslims vs Radical Islam

We hear a lot of qualifying statements about “moderate Muslims” when “radical Islam” is mentioned. Now, certainly, one can postulate that the majority of Muslims, are most likely people who just want to get on with their lives and that in western countries in particular, many keep a low profile and just live their lives with a low current of religiosity. Like people everywhere, they are trying to get through the day, and not start a revolution or ignite a war. Even so, some are sympathetic to radical concerns or issues, even if they are not entirely seized with passion for the cause. Others, are completely against radicalism, but stay on the down low and don’t make waves. Then, there are the Muslims who become leaders, and actually attempt to impress some kind of moderate change on the current situation within Islam, many of these high-profile moderates or liberal Muslims don’t get as much press as the radicals, but they do exist, and — often, they live their lives under threat of death, from their co-religionists. I found this amazing film chronicling the work and lives of a number of moderate Islamic leaders, most of them not Imams, who are pushing for Islamic assimilation to western values (outside of actual religious practice) and for an end to Islamic terrorism; they also do not support sharia law being implemented in the west and have fought against it in Europe and in Canada.

The film also traces the origins of Wahabi Islam from Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world. Apparently, the Saudi royal family has been exporting Wahabi for some time into Europe, Canada and the USA — partially to free themselves from an imminent threat to their own power. This began with a siege on Mecca and the royal family by Wahabists and a deal actually forged with the royal Saudi Arabian family. I knew about Wahabi, but I certainly learned more about its spread worldwide and the influence of so many radical Imams, even in places like Arizona!

The Muslims who fight extremism deserve our support, they are unbelievably brave as you will see as you watch. And, they are, apparently, not exactly winning this battle.
The film here, all parts from the amazing efforts of Frank Kitman on Kitman TV– his description:

Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center” tells the story of courageous anti-Islamist Muslims in Western Europe, Canada and the United States and the extraordinary challenges they face in taking on adherents to the theo-totalitarian ideology known as Islamism. What is happening to these moderates – who are being ostracized, bankrupted, intimidated and in some cases, threatened with death – offers critical insights into the dangers that both they and non-Muslims are facing. These films by acclaimed Director/Producer Martyn Burke also suggest steps that can and must be taken to help empower the anti-Islamist Muslims in the struggle for their faith.”


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