Steve Jobs 1955-2011: An individual who changed the world

Steve Jobs – an individual who changed the world, creating beautiful machines with air light efficiency. Thank you

As I reflect on his creative journey, while typing this on my MacBook, I reflect also on all the recent “Occupy Wall Street” protests morphing all over the country. And, while I can well understand their frustration with crony capitalism, high unemployment and a sagging economy, a frustration they share with the Tea Party, I also see a lot of mindless anti-capitalist cries for “revolution” or for money they feel is owed to them somehow by banks, or the rich and successful. And, of course, there’s “Power to the People”, and other silly rejoinders. I know more than a few want to end free enterprise, or tether enterprise even more strongly to government control.

So, it’s a good time to remember entrepreneurs like Jobs, who couldn’t have created his beautiful machines in a system that did not encourage innovation and allow free enterprise. He came from relatively ordinary beginnings to discover his dream through hard work and a ruthless imaginative power that demanded the best. The wealth created by Apple products is not just shared by its founders, employees, or stock holders, but by anyone who owns one of these elegant machines.

Many of the protesters are Apple fans, I wonder how many of them are able to draw this simple connection?


4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs 1955-2011: An individual who changed the world

  1. Brian Dunbar October 7, 2011 / 11:15 am

    Many of the protesters are Apple fans, I wonder how many of them are able to draw this simple connection?

    If logical thinking was one of their strong suits, they wouldn’t be there.

    “Burn it down, burn it down!”

    Then what?


    • libertywolf October 15, 2011 / 9:30 am

      There does seem to be a whole lot of “power to the people” sentiment. I find it all so corny as well as silly!

      Which isn’t to say that there is no reason for us to be alarmed at some of the antics on Wall Street in the recent past, but burning it all down and replacing it with a fuzzy feel good eco-communist infrastructure where everybody wears hemp clothing, and listens to bad bongo drumming is no solution! And, yes the drumming at these things is still as bad as it ever was. I mean, that hasn’t changed from the 70’s!

  2. TransSurreal Studios November 6, 2011 / 10:28 pm

    The bongo player on “People’s Court” sure bangs out a nice tune!!!

    • libertywolf November 7, 2011 / 9:54 am

      TransSurreal — I only wish the “people’s bongos” at these Occupy events were not so shitty. They play the same shitty bongos that were played at demos in the 70’s. A bad bad bad sign!!!! The revolution should not have shitty bongos! NO!

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