from the wandering apostate – the Bay Area

Finally, a break from my hiatus in blogging and back to the blog! First, a bit more about me, Liberty Wolf, your wandering apostate…

Here, a snapshot of where I come from:

I give these queer activists enormous kudos for laughing at themselves! They got the speech cadence down perfectly, notice how their very speech has become “postmodern” resisting closure. Even statements end up sounding like questions. Sometimes I miss the Bay Area, and sometimes – I do not!

And, nearly everyone sounds nasal when they talk! How is this possible? But, they do! Heh – (good job queer anti-racist radicals – if you can laugh at yourselves, there is hope for the world, after all…) I mean, really – right?


2 thoughts on “from the wandering apostate – the Bay Area

  1. americantransman January 28, 2012 / 4:45 am

    Liberty Wolf, good to be back visiting your blog. I have been wondering — are you inclined to comment at all on the Republican presidential candidates?

    • libertywolf February 17, 2012 / 10:47 pm

      I’ll have to post on that. I’ve been pulling for Newt since he’s a fantastic debater, enormously knowledgeable, and I like his foreign policy and his ability to get things done. In the past, he helped to get the budget balanced and was indispensable to reforming welfare. I also am confident he could face down the mighty Obama machine without flinching. However, he appears to not be “likeable” enough to be catching on. But on the other hand, anything could happen. Who knows?

      I will support Romney as second choice. He is certainly OK and possibly, moderate enough in truth to be more electable.

      I am uncertain about Santorum due to his extreme anti-gay bias, more vocal on that issue than any other candidate and – I am not a social conservative. His record on fiscal conservatism is mixed. I am uncertain about him and may even vote libertarian if he is the candidate. I am undecided. I very much want Obama out though and just about any of them is better – IMHO.

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