Hope your Holiday season is churning along!

Things do seem to have gotten out of hand if a completely unknown individual like Justine Sacco can make a dumb and racist comment, and — lose her job. Many people make the same comments, or comments that can be construed in that way, and they don’t lose their jobs and the entire world is not exploding with outrage. Probably, few would be working if that happened, and the world would just not have time for all that outrage — which would be continuous since people say shitty things all day long if you take into account all the people in the world. I mean someone somewhere, is saying something insensitive, fat phobic, racially insensitive, vertically challenged phobic, homophobic, transphobic, or just plain retarded! Oops! There I go, I said something insensitive… Can I say “stupid”? Not sure any more. I know the term “lame” is contested in some circles. Any way… Apparently, even for an unknown, random person, social media is like a megaphone that can be heard the entire world over. Imagine her shock when she discovered that the entire WORLD was in outrage over her tweet! People apparently, just LOVE to be outraged! It makes them feel superior and morally righteous. Mob action… I am aware of this tendency but the Sacco story and others make you take pause even more deeply… It takes the fun and spontaneity out of social media. I wonder if people will get over this tendency to be outraged over every dumb tweet? Or, I guess people will just censor themselves…

The Year of Our Outrage

Have a fantastic New Year and – try not to let the humorless, the easily put-upon, or the nutbags with an agenda get you down. Try not to stay stupid things also, but since we all do say them sometimes, at least – try not to tweet them. And, if you do, let’s hope people have some perspective but — don’t hold your breath! They probably will not.