Why Socialism? Why not Another Way?


At some point, people who are LGBT identified need to ask ourselves — why socialism?

Why has the dialogue around our rights, our very existence, our continuing ability to thrive and prosper, to connect and create — why has this become so interconnected with socialism, with Marxism, and is there an alternative?  Is there more than one?  And, what are those alternatives?

Certainly, it is not only LGBT people who need to ask this question, or should.  Non-white people – what the critical race theorists have called “POC” or “people of color” need to ask the same question.  First, why do we accept this odious acronym – “POC”?  Why be lumped into a herd?  Artists and writers – poets need to ask that question.  Why  Socialism?   Why the Collective?

Why not libertarian thought?  Why not radical individualism (libertarian thought)? Why not transhumanism that is not posited within the margins of state control?  Why state control (Marxism and socialism generally)?  Why not a spiritual tradition that posits a creator or creators who are playful, inventive and endlessly compassionate?  Why not a view of life that is open and yet not entirely without the defining circumference of boundaries and a tacit recognition of some actual limitations?   Why not a constant questioning going forward?  Why is being so easily offended the new normal?  Why this defensive and angry view of the world that presents a perpetually aggrieved closed fist, instead of an open hand, a sense of irony, the absurd and the mad range of potentiality enlivened by dialogue and engagement — why can’t we do better than socialist/collectivist thinking?   Why this insistence on the state as our savior?

And, remember, in actuality fascism and Nazism ( a form of Fascism) are both socialist, if not communist.  Look closer at what you have been told and taught.

I think we’ve been seduced and lulled into a sleep by these statist philosophies, these closed economies, these closed ideas.  We’ve been co-opted by socialism, since it is a machine that feeds on the hungry, the poor, the desperate and the disenfranchised.  It’s time to wake up!

Workers, “POC”, LGBT, Artists, Poets and thought captive people all over the world unite to shake off the sleepy chains of Marxism!  Unite to disperse and become individuals, to grow beyond those old, musty Marxist chains!  Collectives kill!  Learn the lessons of history!  Today!


2 thoughts on “Why Socialism? Why not Another Way?

  1. tiffany267 March 30, 2015 / 10:34 am

    lol I’m a libertarian and even I think that this approach is being rather silly and Fox-newsy. For one thing, Marxism and socialism are not the same thing, as you well know. Accusing all LGBT people and people of color of being fans of both Marxism and socialism is a completely unacceptable stereotype and simply makes libertarians look even more out of touch with reality than some people think we are. Anyway, within the U.S., it is hardly socialism but rather a special kind of fascism that creeps up on us all, a distinctly pro-military and cronyist type of fascism, that is. It is up to libertarians to present to the world our solutions to the problems of racist violence, anti-gay violence, etc. Not to attack a strawman!

    • libertywolf March 31, 2015 / 2:10 am

      Thanks for your comment Tiffany267! I did get your attention with the headline. I wish I were as optimistic as you regarding many LGBT people being Libertarian but I have yet to meet more than a mere handful in my lifetime. Mostly, I meet LGBT people who are outraged that I am libertarian, or “classic liberal” — or they are at least, put off. Those are fighting words! Most LGBT folks I have met do tend to be at least, social democrats in the European tradition, or so they fancy themselves. However, I am also a denizen of the San Francisco Bay Area and while there are many libertarians coming out of hiding these days, the area is also pretty much filled with socialists of some variety. Or people who lean that way, again particularly in the LGBT world. I have used words like “freedom” and “liberty” and god forbid, “individual liberty” in talks at conferences and gotten weird and wary looks. We need more people like you!

      I think that socialism is a kind of fascism, and a good reference for this is Jonah Goldberg’s book _Liberal Fascism_. The title is a bit of a joke, but reading the book makes it clear how Fascists are a type of socialist and that big government politics have been on the march for some time, in the USA and in Europe. I agree with you wholeheartedly that we all need to find ways to combat many odious forms of hatred but unfortunately, most LGBT people seem to think left wing politics are the answer. I have yet to see otherwise. I am glad you have found this to not be the case – that makes me a bit hopeful.

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