Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016!
liberty wolf
In spite of the PC madness on college campuses, the growing and very real threat of ISIS and assorted Islamic terror,  the relatively sluggish economy and the comical chaos of a presidential race that may come down to Trump vs. Clinton (OH NO) — the American people are resilient, ornery and innovative.  In other words, the whole nation isn’t going to hell quite yet.  

Some predictions for the New Year:

I predict it will be Cruz for the GOP, Trump will lose his stump.
Clinton will carry the Dems, but that’s no surprise.

There’ll be more “trigger warning” madness on campuses and more left wing professors (are there any other kind?) will be eaten by their well indoctrinated lefty hatchlings.  Burp!

I have no idea who will become President – sorry.  Not that you thought I did. I do think it will be fun to watch this erratic and odd horse race.  Although I also find it  — alarming.  The populism of Trump has hit a hot spot but really, that guy is NOT qualified to be President.  Sanders is popular in spite of the fact that he’s announced he’s an actual socialist, and well, maybe it is about time that the Democrats just admitted that they have gone way to the left of mainstream.  His honesty is refreshing.  But — no.  Clinton will prevail and it is possible she will come through to the very end.  But then… she is not exactly  — trustworthy.  Sanders may be an honest man but Hillary is shifty.  Also… Clinton is Obama all over again with a touch more common sense and a lot less charisma.  I hope we don’t have to hear her cackle echoing in the corridors of the White House.

Black Lives Matter will continue to cause havoc and block highways, shopping malls, and streets.  They will be unceasingly annoying yet ultimately, scary in their ongoing propagation of lies.  I mean lies along the lines of “Hands up, Don’t shoot!”  — a lie, a lie, a lie.  They may weaken law enforcement in major cities causing more bloodshed in black communities and lawlessness.   Lawlessness that hurts those communities the most.  It is important to remember that BLM is actually NOT principally about making sure that cops don’t kill innocent black people, it is really about fomenting a revolution that goes beyond Bernie and his warmed over  big welfare state, BLM wants the real thing.  There ARE NO GOOD COPS for Black Lives Matter.  They are anti-capitalist and anti- constitution.  Make no mistake, they are good at what they do.  Essentially, this is the far far left using the black “community”. (no, I don’t really believe in “communities” but that’s for another post)

The hyper-politicization of identities will continue and continue to grate on my nerves.  It is hard to escape identity politics and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  Trans identities are hyper-politicized, like so many “identities” and used by the uber left.  While I applaud many of the gains we’ve made recently, the art that’s being made in particular — I also have little patience for the extremes that present themselves as mainstream.  I mean, most people who medically transition want to get on with their lives and not revise pronouns. To each their own but really, I didn’t transition to be a “trans activist” or to destroy the binary, but to be a man period.  I will say, it is a most interesting time to have medical transition in one’s background.

ISIS and Islamic terror will continue and most likely, accelerate here and in Europe.  We have some terrifying and difficult times ahead.

Free speech is under siege. Make no mistake and this will continue and become more apparent for what it really is — the erosion of freedom and thought control.

I could go on but I think I want to have a drink to the New Year.  Even if it is a Miller Lite.  Have a great one!  I might reappear here from time to time to opine as the Liberty Wolf, and I appreciate anyone that stops by.

Happy New Year 2016!



One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. americantransman February 6, 2016 / 1:46 pm

    Hey LW, I haven’t visited your blog in a while. Nice to see your writing! Happy New Year! (And I hope to see you next month when I visit your city.)

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