Cruz goes in for the knockout!



At least in Iowa, and I can’t tell you how happy I am since he was knocking out, principally, Donald Trump.  It had been a friendly bout with a touch of intensity at the end, with Trump coming on nasty with personal attacks — trying to make Cruz into a Canadian and not an American champion.  Which was silly since Cruz knows his constitution.  But Cruz fought with a strategic aim and a stalwart strong punch.  He didn’t stoop low but he took some risks.  So, Ted takes Trump out in this first round, though there are more to go.

Great speech, even if a bit on the long end, but the man has fighting spirit and a vision he will go to the mat for: the constitution, liberty and a strong National Defense.  That works for me.  I like my national leaders and politicians constitutionally conservative leaning to libertarian, my art abstract leaning to radically innovative, and my poetry visionary.  I like my speech free, my space “unsafe” —  but my country safe and strong within the rule of law.  I like my Islamic terrorist radicals fried to a crisp and my economy free market.  Cruz is the guy who can deliver.

Rubio almost cut Trump off for second and that is good news as well.

As of my writing this, Hillary and Sanders are in a dead heat…  Like that Chinese proverb, it is an “interesting” election season.


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