Time to decouple from the far left trans people!


cropped-r3594340217.jpgA letter to my fellow trans people:
About the recent Caitlyn Jenner controversy regarding her support for Ted Cruz and her conservative views: It is true that not all transsexuals are in the tank for the far left, or are “feeling the Bern”. Some of us are not even voting for Hillary. As I stated in the prologue to my memoir, which was written in the 90’s, “Changing sex is radical because it is extreme, far-fetched, and magical, not because of any imagined alliance to any particular political ideology. Being transsexual has nothing to do with being part of a unilateral political movement, a religion or a cult.” I stand by that. We can have what BLM founder Alicia Garza refers to as “principled disagreement”. This from the latest article in The New Yorker (I believe).

While many may disagree with Jenner on the Republican party, and on Cruz, there are some who may not. I don’t actually believe in a “trans community” but there are people who have undertaken medical sex change, and who are of transsexual history and/or identity. In any event, we all know that the social conservatives are not the only people biting at our ass, it is radical left wing feminists as well. We get it from people on both sides of the political spectrum. And, most importantly, we don’t transition for political points, but because it is what we must do. I respect Jenner’s right to her own opinions. No one represents me any way, I represent myself. I may or may not agree with certain views of certain other well known trans people, but my support of their transition, has nothing to do with their voting record.

Also, I see nothing contradictory about supporting the constitution, individual rights and liberty, free speech, lower taxes, free markets, smaller government, the rule of law, a strong border, and a strong military. These are considered conservative principles here in the USA and I think they have nothing whatsoever to do with transsexual transition. I think it is about time we decoupled transition from the left, which has not always been in the tank with trans people any way. Their support is contingent on buying into their agenda, and again, if a person is not supportive of that — there should be other choices. I support people thinking for themselves and making choices that are not based on fear but on critical thinking. This may or may not be aligned to any particular candidate, but it is certainly not always aligned to far leftist agendas.

I’ll have to write more about this elsewhere.


2 thoughts on “Time to decouple from the far left trans people!

    • libertywolf March 11, 2016 / 10:39 pm

      Thanks Asher! Seems obvious but it unfortunately, is not.

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