The Coming Muslim Reich | FrontPage Magazine

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted although I have been thinking of posting nearly every day. I mean, nearly every day I see news and read articles that disturb or enlighten. And, this is election season. There is so much to say, and I will attempt to make up for at least some lost time, in the coming weeks. In any event, first, from Front Page, a disturbing video showcasing the emerging threat from Egypt toward Israel.

The Coming Muslim Reich | FrontPage Magazine.


Destroy Israel – Egyptian Protestors are hopeful

“Destroy Israel” watch these Egyptian protestors talk of destroying Israel.

Time will tell, what all of this comes to and means. This sentiment, does not bode well.

From here, and thank Pamela Geller as usual for her fearless reporting: Egyptian Protestors

I’ve been watching all of this with ah, great interest. Have some other posts to put up as well.