Questioning Environmentalism and the Green Movement

I stumbled on this new (to me) slayer of sacred cows, a former Irish school teacher who became a journalist and — happened to report on an intriguing story about “evil Canadians” starting a mining company in Romania. The story she found, was not the one she thought she would discover, and it changed her life forever, lighting the fire for further exploration which has brought her to Madagascar, Uganda, the Amazon Rain Forest and other places where environmentalists protest and block development or ban pesticides. She is Filmmaker/producer Ann McElhinney, and she’s passionate about exposing the hypocrisy and lies and anti-human agenda fueling Greenpeace and various radical environmentalism causes. Now, I used to donate to Greenpeace, this speech and her testimony gave me a lot to consider.

Malaria kills more people in the world now than any other disease, mostly children in African countries. She discusses DDT and malaria — mines, and fossil fuels. Really worth watching – what more can I say? It gave me a lot to think about.

The presentation was recorded at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s 2011 Western Women’s Summit held in the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara CA.


Tree Hugging Crying Hippies

Apparently, there are some videos out there of Earth First hippies (activists) crying over dead trees. For real. Some guys decided to do some cryin’ of their own here — inspired by those activists.

note: OK now, I do support taking care of the environment and all, I mean, what kind of earth loving walking in balance with nature Native do you think I am? hah – but ah, I also support — laughing.