Mark Steyn on Danish Television on Europe, Muslim Demographics, Islamic Radicalism

Here, an interesting recent segment taken when he was in Copenhagen to win the Sappho Prize, of Mark Steyn on Danish television being interviewed about Europe and demographics, the radicalization of native born Muslims in universities, the coming clash between the west and Islam in Europe that is already here and will most likely get worse… not cheerful stuff but important. Nice to see him out and about after taking a recent hiatus. I guess even firebrands like Steyn have to take a break once in awhile. He’s traveling a lot in Europe currently and giving speeches.


Mark Steyn Wins Sappho Prize in Copenhagen, “You’ll Have to Kill Us All”

Mark Steyn, Canadian humorist and polemicist and free speech crusader, has won the Sappho Prize in Copenhagen. Here, some photos from the awards ceremony and a recording of Mark’s speech with an introduction (that includes the inevitable cheesy lesbian jokes, all in good humor however) by Eva Agnete Selsing. Her introduction is bracing and fearless, and Mark’s speech is funny and as he builds, intense and fiery. Well, worth a listen… He states that his sense of humor is “not subject to state regulation.”

You’ll Have to Kill Us All!

And, from a report on Steyn’s speech by the International Free Speech Society:

That is Mark Steyn’s diagnosis of Western Civilisation anno 2010. And that the man knows what he is talking about became clear to everyone on this anniversary of the murderous attack in New York and elsewhere on 9/11 nine years ago. The same might be said of the other participants in this international conference –the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, the Norwegian-Pakistani comedienne Shabana Rehman, the Danish-Iranian actor, comedian and commentator Farshad Kholghi and the Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekshot.

Every one of these artists, comedians and critics had played the role of the little boy in Andersen’s tale. And they had all paid the price. Had anyone been in doubt, it sufficed to look around in the hall, where several officers from the Danish Security Police were posted.
America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It is the title of the book that gave Mark Steyn his international breakthrough. It describes a Europe that in the absolute autumn of its life can neither maintain itself demographically nor culturally and is therefore threatened by rapid Islamization.

Based as it is on dry facts and thorough research, the book has had a major influence on the discourse on Islam and multicultural society…

Steyn’s message in Copenhagen was far from uplifting.

Paraphrasing the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Lord Grey’s comment on the outbreak of World War 1, Steyn remarked: ”One by one the lights go out in Europe because those who have created the multicultural societies will not defend them.”
He went on to say that authors, comedians and everyone else that does not believe in a multicultural utopia are being persecuted and witch-hunted into silence. The Canadian authorities have even tried –in the best totalitarian tradition – to criminalize Mark Steyn’s jokes. Even his “tone” has been subjected to legal scrutiny…

Though the title of Steyn’s book refers to an America that finds itself increasingly isolated in its defence of Western values, things are far from ideal on the other side of the Atlantic.

Steyn noted that Obama has never criticized honour killings or other outrages taking place in the Muslim world. But if Westerners commit the slightest transgression – as is now the case with the mad priest in Florida who wanted to burn the Koran – he immediately feels called upon to issue an official condemnation. That is a disgrace, said Steyn, who could only express his contempt for Western governments that think Islam should be exempted from criticism.

Among the governments that in Steyn’s words compete to be “Islam’s most obedient ‘prison-bitch’” is the one in Sweden. That blue-yellow nation was horrified when one of its own sons drew the Muslim prophet as a dog. ”

From the article here: Humour Conference: It Takes Children, Drunkards and Death-defying Artists to Get the Truth.

Demographic Winter – What will declining populations in 70 countries mean for us?

Been reared on the idea of the “population explosion”? Well, the reality is more like an emerging “demographic winter”. This is a fascinating film that telegraphs the statistics and cultural realities and questions contextualizing the fact that people, worldwide though particularly in the west and in Japan, are having far fewer children. And, that many in the west, are bringing up those children in single parent homes. That, in other words, divorce is become the norm nearly, instead of the exception, and children are the witnesses and innocent participants in an adult drama of sexual freedom. While not condemning of the sexual revolution (many of the participants are actually “progressives’ or social liberals), the observation is made at one point that the sexual revolution may have been the greatest and most impacting radical change in — modern human history! Yes, bigger than the atom bomb, the Beatles, or the internet. We are still sifting through the consequences and are not entirely sure, what they are and what they divine for our future survival. Poverty and criminality are known to increase when children are brought up in single parent homes, yet this is certainly not always the case in each individual instance. Also, there was a clear prediction made, that around 2009, the western stock markets would decline precipitously — due to the aging baby boom’s economic fortunes. Japan, apparently had no baby boom after WWII and their economic morass happened earlier and has lingered.

The questions brought up are fascinating and — hard to ask, and some of the conclusions are not entirely what many may want to hear. Even so, this film is more about asking than knowing for certain, at a time of great change in cultural norms and values and outcomes. Fascinating and not an “answer” film, but a film that leads to greater questioning, not all of it comfortable.