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The HHH – Hamas/Hezbollah Huggers on the Left, LGBT Rights Deniers on the Right

Between the Hamas and Hezbollah Huggers on the left and the gay haters on the right, it can get lonely.

Let’s call the Hamas/Hezbollah Huggers the “HHH”. And, then, there are the “gay haters” on the religious right? Are they merely strong “dislikers” of The Gay and LGBT in general?

OK, these gay “dislikers” claim they don’t hate, they just think the Gay is a “lifestyle” that can be cured or prayed into non-existence. Good luck with that.

I’m not always inclined to eschew hyperbole, but in political discourse a person must tread carefully, if he or she wishes to communicate and not simply engage in rhetorical grandstanding. But, it is hard having to hear nonsense about LGBT people on one hand, and on the other – to hear the most radically hateful torturers of gay and lesbian, and sometimes trans people lauded, often by LGBT people themselves.

But let’s start with the facts. The Christians who are anti-LGBT are easy targets. Which isn’t to say they aren’t dangerous or at least — very irritating, but they are sitting duck targets. Call them stupid, hateful and misinformed and you’ve won the day. Not only because you are right as per their views on LGBT rights and people, but also because they are now becoming easy pickings. Even prominent conservative Republicans are beginning to see that gay people have rights and can’t be prayed to straight salvation. I mean Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Rob Portman, and of course, the fighter for gay marriage — Ted Olson. So, it is easier now, with the tide turning, to ridicule the conservatives who cling to gay hating, and you can kick their imagined or real Hillbilly ways and government funded wheelchairs, as in this post:
When your godless Marxist president and his thuggish fascist cabinet officers and his entire godless liberty-hating socialist democrat party and sicko sycophant complicit leftist mainstream media and the god-hating, constitution-twisting black-robed socialist liberal activist judges continue conspiring to promote homosexualism and perversion as not only normal but a healthy, wholesome, desirable activity and way of life and then force it into the curriculum of even our youngest school children, that is tyranny!

You can, poke fun at their perceived inability to distinguish Hitler from Stalin, as some commenters on the above rant do. Certainly this will prove that you are very smart…right? But then, what do you do with the LGBT activists who are often unable to distinguish Hamas from the NAACP?

In the universe of left wing Hamas huggers, anyone who would chide Hamas and deign to point out that women in Gaza are being jailed for having out of wedlock babies, and that people who smoke Hashish are being executed, after a year in prison, are simply being “racist. Hamas and Hezbollah don’t want simple peace and a beneficial co-existence with Israel; they want Israel’s complete and utter destruction. You don’t even want to know how they kill gay people. Let’s leave it at that. These left wing sophisticates seem to want to ignore willfully, that Islam is not a race, and that the radical Islam of Hamas is anti-woman’s rights, and very much anti-gay rights. In fact, it is anti-human rights, and so anti-equality. The concept of “human rights” appears to be missing altogether from the Hamas charter; the idea that every last Jew on earth must be killed, is not.

But I can already hear the cries, the Hamas and Hezbollah Huggers screaming, “But, what about the horrible Christians!” It is true, of course, that there are indeed “horrible Christians” walking amongst us, or at least, Christians who are against gay marriage, or possibly — against even any semblance of gay rights. Most extremely, again, there are Christians who believe that lesbians and gays are “perverse”, and can be prayed to a “cure”, their numbers are dwindling, but they are around. I won’t deny it. These same Christians are most likely not friendly with transsexual people either, or transgender. They are a problem in my universe, don’t get me wrong, I have real issues with this particular Jesus fandom.

However, it is also true that some of these Christians while having reprehensible or just plain mistaken beliefs about LGBT people are otherwise, decent and good people. I know at least one online, and I have known a few in passing, I am related to a few.

Hamas and Hezbollah hugging (“HHH”) left-wingers may also otherwise be decent, intelligent and even – “educated”. Take for example, the well known and influential Hamas/Hezbollah hugger Judith Butler! That woman is obviously “educated”, she now teaches gender performativity at Columbia, but apparently still can’t distinguish Hamas/Hezbollah from social movements that are part of the progressive left. Here:

“Understanding Hamas/Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the left, that are part of a global left, is extremely important. “

Below, a nuanced and fair denouement of Butler’s views by Michael Totten. The entire statement from Butler above is quoted and put in context, and her latter statements are also considered. Totten points out that to her credit, Butler has stated she is not in favor of violence, although, as he also points out, violence is certainly being used by the most un-socially liberal Hamas and Hezbollah to accomplish their stated goal of erasing Israel. There is no other way to eradicate a country. And, how Butler can conflate Hamas or Hezbollah with social progress is an obscure point indeed.

Anti-Imperialism Fools

Butler later attempted a facile and smug de-construction of her statements with her usual rhetorical slight of hand, but I can’t help but feel cynical about her smug quibbling. To be fair, she may be denouncing violence, but she is not denouncing Hamas or Hezbollah, and she must if she is to come out on the righteous end of human history. And it is impossible to separate these two organizations from violence. Here a very good assessment of Butler’s inability to tell the good guys from the bad guys, here from writer Petra Marquardt:

“Unsurprisingly, Butler has reacted to criticism of her views regarding Hamas and Hezbollah by complaining that her remarks “have been taken out of context.” Butler mainly emphasizes now that she has “always been in favor of non-violent political action” and explicitly declares: “I do not endorse practices of violent resistance and neither do I endorse state violence, cannot, and never have.”

But it is arguably revealing that Butler chose the Mondoweiss website to publish her most recent rebuttal. Surely an academic of her standing had many other choices and did not have to turn to a site that has often been criticized for posts and as well as antisemitic cartoons? On such a site, it is somewhat strange to read Butler’s lament:

“For those of us who are descendants of European Jews who were destroyed in the Nazi genocide (my grandmother’s family was destroyed in a small village south of Budapest), it is the most painful insult and injury to be called complicitous with the hatred of Jews or to be called self-hating.”

And how come that somebody who evokes such a family history has nothing to say about the Jew-hatred espoused by Hamas and Hezbollah, and their acknowledged ideological sponsors, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime?”

Butler is not alone. There are more than a few Big Q – Queers who welcome Hamas into their bag of lefty tricks, and I regard them with as much opprobrium and bewildered angst as I regard the religious, conservative anti-LGBT right. Big Q Queers are, after all, more than simply LGBT, they regard their mission not as gay marriage or gay soldiering, but as a queer transformation of society, an in-your-face adolescent attitude that is as much uptight curmudgeon/snob and disdain of the ordinary or “normal” as it is visionary or leading edge. While I certainly believe it is important and life affirming to always be leading to the future from a place of new possibilities, the facts often lead just as often to older certainties. Sometimes Queer is a posture and a pose and not about leading us all to a better world. But again, let us distinguish between big Q Queers who wish to abolish marriage altogether, and those lesbians and gays who want the option to get married and have legal recognitions, responsibilities and rights — and who wish to lead productive lives, whether or not these lives are perceived as “in your face” or – well, normal. We can’t all be naked and polymorphous perverse in happy communes and not all of us want to be. I, for one, hate long meetings. Some of us are resigned to an LGBT normalcy that is not trend following, but often, profoundly satisfying to live. As a trans guy, I’m mostly just a normal dude. You wouldn’t think twice if you saw me on the street, and that suits me fine.

So, possibly, since they are “in your face” and hate to think of themselves as anything other than special and trendy, it is only logical that the far left Queer contingent would feign a friendly comradely relationship with the extreme and violently queer hating Hamas/Hezbollah. I mean, Hamas and Hezbollah both hate Amerikkka, and maybe, that’s enough.

Even so, I have always expected more discernment from high riding lesbians like Butler and Sarah Schulman. Schulman has been described thus by Daniel Greenfield… (she) was declaring that gay rights in Israel were part of a conspiracy to “pinkwash” the evil Zionist entity.

Sarah Schulman, a gay rights activist, had to make the confusing argument that gay rights activists should support anti-gay Islamists over Israel. And Schulman was predictably incoherent in trying to make that case. While Sarah Schulman accused pro-Israel advocates of pinkwashing Israel, Schulman was the one actually pinkwashing Hamas.

Butler, Sarah Schulman and other high visibility left wing Hamas huggers are a disappointment, a profound one. As a leftist in my not so distant past, I always had expected them to come down on the right side of human rights. But, possibly I was happily deluded. In fact, I now know for sure that I was. I mean, really now, when has the far left ever come down on the humane side of human rights? I don’t mean the moderate left of center of the Democrat party, I mean the far socialist left, and that’s why Jim from the first blog is not confabulating or confused, when he conjoins Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and Stalin – fascists and communists both in an alignment of tyrants, he’s actually absolutely correct. We can thank Jonah Goldberg’s book
Liberal Fascism for his uncovering of this similarity and conjoinment at the waist of Fascism and Communism. In hindsight, one can certain see the family resemblance.

Conflating the tyranny of National Socialism and Communism is not the sign of an uneducated, drooling rube, but of someone with more than a little common sense and possibly even, some historical acumen. If nothing else, it indicates that a person has a bedrock understanding that liberty, fascism and communism, are not bedfellows. Liberty is not aligned with communism or – fascism. Unfortunately, this simple, straightforward and utterly reasonable understanding does not extend to some of the most politically prominent if not actually astute, LGBT intellectuals. Possibly this is because ultimately, liberty is not their chief concern? It is not a core value. I think the same people who are now making positive, warm-feeling statements about Hamas would have been the same people making positive statements about Stalin. They would have declaimed Stalin as an important part of the “social movements” of the “progressive left”.

Now, this is odd, since you would think that Hamas/Hezbollah and the Christian religious right would make good bedfellows, since they are both not exactly queer friendly, however, obviously — this has not proven to be the case. I have found it confounding that the religious right hates Hamas as much as the queer left appears to embrace it. Even though Hamas and Hezbollah would happily make sure that gays are not only unmarried, but also not alive. This gave me pause; did this mean that our own religious, socially conservative right was different from what I come to believe? Well, yes, and also – no. There is a spectrum… some on that side are only critical of the use of the word “marriage” but would grant civil unions, and while not super keen on gayness or trans people are nevertheless of the understanding that LGBT people are not inherently deranged, evil or bad. Some conservatives are fine with gay people, but these cannot be understood as strict social conservatives. However, on the other hand, there are those on the religious right who don’t give two hoots about gay or trans people, make no mistake. They don’t understand us, they don’t like us, they clearly would rather we did not exist, however, they won’t join with Hamas and Hezbollah to kill us. The story is always more complicated, and in this blog I will attempt to shed the light I’ve found.

Certainly I have come to know, with some painful recognition, that the far left was different than what I had always believed. . Although there are also nuances on that side, and complications.

Complications, nuances, and deconstructions aside – the cold fact remains. Many, if not all, on the socially conservative and religious right are still in opposition to basic LGBT civil rights. The far left is infested with the HHH, Hamas/Hezbollah Huggers, who are oblivious to facts and apparently to basic human rights and liberty. Folks like me who see liberty as extending to all, and who believe in individual rights as bedrock to that fundamental liberty — have an issue. For me, neither the Hamas/Hezbollah hugging left, nor the social conservative religious right, are comfortable places to be. I remain an outlander, an outlier, and an outsider… I think both sides are nuts. And, I can’t decide which is more dangerous to my own personal mental health and peace of mind.

Voter ID Laws and Trans People

So, my big coming out here, in public as not a left winger or even a Democrat is here… I was interviewed by a reporter for The Daily Beast. Of course, on a trans issue as it relates to possible Voter ID laws. Never had a problem myself with ID and voting, even when I was earlier into my transition. I think I say it best in the article, and it is toward the end.

For Max Wolf Valerio, a transgender man, the political transformation from a Democrat to a Republican was more daunting than transitioning from female to male. Valerio, author of The Testosterone Files, a memoir about his transition, said obtaining a state ID is part of every adult person’s life in the U.S. and not an additional challenge. “Trans people are not hothouse flowers who wilt at the slightest obstacle or pressure. We are resourceful, resilient, and often, extraordinarily strong people,” he said.

While I fully support educating poll workers for the possibility of trans people being ambiguous, if there are Voter ID laws established, just as they would be educated for any oddity or stray possibility, I honestly believe that this issue is being blown way out of proportion. I mean, trans people use state issued IDs for getting jobs, buying booze, entering a nightclub, traveling, picking up an airline ticket — and well, driving a car. Many things… in many states, it is not that difficult to change your F to M, if you have a note from a doctor. In some states it is a bit more difficult, and name change is more difficult. But, we manage. There are trans advocacy organizations that are fighting to make these laws more reasonable or to liberalize them. I support these efforts by and large. I do NOT agree with the trans guy, the lawyer speaking in the video, Dru Levasseur, who states that it is a “privilege” to be able to have an ID congruent with your gender, the gender or sex (actually) that you change to. If that is true, it’s news to me… Anyone who reads my memoir would know… I was mostly unemployed and certainly without savings,living hand to mouth, when I got my ID and name changed on my California State ID in 1989. And, that was way before “FTM” had any credence as hip or trendy. Things were far more difficult then. Listen, if I can do it, just about any one can. Yes, California’s laws are fairly liberal but even so… This hysteria over Voter ID, and this painting of trans people as victims, well – it doesn’t wash. I hate and despise this constant portrayal of us as weak, inept victims. We can manage to get IDs, we are adults, we’ve been doing it for a long time now…

Further, please, Democrat party, please stop using us for your ridiculous political agenda! In this case, being against people showing an ID at the polling place! It is not that big of a deal, really… trans people can manage, yes — we can! To borrow a slogan.

I say it better in the article…


free speech cannot be compromised

It’s been some time since I posted, but bear with me dear reader, or stumbler upon, it is not as though I have not been thinking about politics.  The riots in the Middle East and across the world recently in Islamic countries and parts of Europe and the UK were certainly ah, bracing.  Free speech, even in the USA, is threatened as never before and the world is teetering on the precipice of WWIII as Iran makes a bee line toward nuclear weapons.  If Iran attacks Israel, and they fully intend to do so, they have stated they will again and again and — again, Iran also will attack our ships in the region and bases.  There you have it — the ignition of a conflict that can widen in scope and intensity like nothing we have seen since the thirties.  Russia on the side of Iran along with China.  And, Obama dithers on “The View” instead of meeting with Netanyahu, even if Netanyahu will go to where he is, and even though Netanyahu is requesting, with some urgency, a meeting.  Obama also then refuses to meet with any leaders at the UN during its recent conference.  Hillary was there to hold earnest meetings in his stead while he campaigned and appeared on Letterman, “Pimp with a Limp” and other venues.  This country apologizes, again and again, through the Obama administration and straight from his lips, for that ridiculous film, for free speech, while mouthing feeble defenses of that same freedom of speech out of the other side of its mouth.  The world of radical Islam hears only the apologies, and the regrets and disavowal of a silly trailer of a movie only fifteen minutes long and looking as though it were made by Ed Wood and — continues to riot and demands, along with the head of the United Nations, that free speech be curbed if it is deemed to be blasphemy.  

Even some people I know are on FB calling out for stronger “hate speech” laws in this country.  This, instead of defending free speech.  

One of the issues that drove me from the left was the issue of free speech and “hate speech”.  I remember being on blogs that were organized around certain communities, say of FTMs, and of seeing hapless folks being harassed or threatened with censure if they used certain words or phrases.  Words like “lame” or phrases like “retarded question”.  I have seen leftists go apoplectic over the idea that the cover of a book with King Kong on it, is somehow a racial slur and that King Kong is a stand-in for African American men.  I have been told that because I am not an academic (and I can be thankful for that), I don’t “understand” how that image of the monstrous beast is connected historically and viscerally to African American males.  Frankly, I think its an obscene and racist thought to even have, let alone seriously entertain, but it *is * entertained and even considered sacrosanct among the academics out there who appear to enjoy looking for images to pick out as “racist”.  

And, of course, now the opposition to Obama’s presidency is — all mired and based in “racism”.  Right.  

The war on free speech that is happening right now, at the UN, worldwide in the press and most certainly in the academy (see speech codes on campus), is something to watch if you write, or if you wish to be able to live in a society that is not underwritten and undermined by totalitarianism.  It’s that simple.  

Here: <a href=””&gt; Muslim Nations Push for International Blasphemy Laws </a> 

And, from the article: 
“The United Nations, at the behest of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), will debate, once again, the merit of blasphemy laws that could potentially criminalize religious defamation.

“We are living through a period of unease,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said last week. “We are also seeing incidents of intolerance and hatred that are then exploited by others. Voices of moderation and calm need to make themselves heard at this time. We all need to speak up in favor of mutual respect and understanding of the values and beliefs of others.”

Rev. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, points out in the Washington Post that “since 1999, the 56-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has sought to include the issue of religious defamation in UN Human Rights Council resolutions.” 


And, make no mistake, Obama has already cast his lot with this international law.  Here: 

<a href=””&gt; Obama’s blasphemy law to protect Islam </a>

From the Heritage Foundation as quoted in the above link from FactReal:

“As recently as December 19, 2011, the U.S. voted for and was instrumental in passing ‘U.N. Resolution 16/18’ against ‘religious intolerance,’ ‘condemning the stereotyping, negative profiling and stigmatization of people based on their religion.’ While this may sound innocuous, it was the latest incarnation of a highly controversial ‘anti-blasphemy’ resolution that has been pushed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the United Nations since 1999.”

Make no mistake, as Coptic Christians are being murdered in Egypt along with Buddhists in Thailand, and anti-Jewish material circulates freely and in abundance in the Middle East and other Islamic strongholds, this law is NOT to protect religious minorities but to seal the mouths shut of any who would dare to criticize Islam.  And, our President has supported this.  

Every American should be outraged.   

Chick-fil-A and Gay Marriage and — Government Overreach

Glenn Greenwald is one of those lefties I agree with on occasion, although his views on Israel are way off the mark. And, no doubt, he leans socialist. However, he is very interested in civil liberties, and in this — we at least approach agreement or sometimes even flat-out agree. Here, he brings up the recent Chick Fil-A business and how it is dangerous for a government to try and ban a business, simply because it does not agree with that business’s speech. It violates constitutionally protected free speech. And, I imagine that Greenwald, like me, is all for gay marriage. He believes that if you don’t like Chick Fil-A’s views on gay marriage, or their contributions to anti-gay marriage groups, write them a letter or don’t eat there. There are other ways to let them know you disapprove, and of course, you can ignore them and work for the side promoting gay marriage and drown their voices out with better, more articulate arguments. That works better in the long run, and — it keeps the anti-gay marriage groups from feeling, in this case justifiably, persecuted.

He writes:

“Should government officials be able to block businesses from opening or expanding due to disagreement with the political views of the business’ executives? Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel evidently believes he should have this power:

The anti-gay views openly espoused by the president of a fast food chain specializing in chicken sandwiches have run afoul of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a local alderman, who are determined to block Chick-fil-A from expanding in Chicago.

“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values,” Emanuel said Wednesday.

“What the CEO has said as it relates to gay marriage and gay couples is not what I believe, but more importantly, it’s not what the people of Chicago believe. We just passed legislation as it relates to civil union and my goal and my hope … is that we now move on recognizing gay marriage. I do not believe that the CEO’s comments … reflects who we are as a city.”

I know this censorship (and that’s what it is, and in the constitutional sense) — is happening in Boston as well, thanks to the Mayor of Boston.

Rahm Emanuel’s Free Speech Attack

Greenwald points out to those on the left (or supporters of gay marriage on the right) who are still obtuse on this matter, that they most likely would object if a governmental body or agency decided to ban from the city or country any corporation or small business that supported choice, or gay rights or — (on the right) supported Israel. In Europe, I hear that governments are banning Israeli businesses, and this feels ominous to me as a supporter of Israel, but more importantly, it is an overstepping of the authority of government that we should never allow in this country. Let’s not be like Europe in this case, and I do think this is unconstitutional.

We do have protected free speech and just because it is speech that I don’t like, doesn’t mean I can get the Mayor of a major American city to ban it by banning the business. Since when does a government ban businesses based on their contributions to a cause? Plus, there is nothing more galling than a bunch of anti-gay activists feeling “oppressed”. Cry me a river. But in this case, they actually have a justifiable reason for feeling that way, and that’s just no good.

destruction of Pyramids coming as Sufi shrines are destroyed

I’m at an amazing writer’s retreat in the Yucatan peninsula and am enjoying ocean, glimpses of jungle, the inspiration and companionship of my fellow writers here and at directed, structured and luxurious work space and work time.  So, my novel is coming along very well and quickly.  I am grateful for this marvelous opportunity.  

That’s the personal news.  

On the political front I’m upset to read about the possibility of the pyramids being destroyed.  From Commentary here: Islamists calling for pyramids’ destruction

And, while that destruction is only in the first phase of distressed imagining, in Mali, radical Islamists are tearing down Sufi shrines, here: Sufi Shrines in Mali Destroyed

Not sure when people in this country will wake up to the vast and horrid destruction that this particular brand of Islam (Radical Islam) is bringing to the entire world, including the Islamic world, but I do hope – it is soon.  


Tommy Robinson and EDL – interview

Here an interesting interview with Tommy Robinson, a leader in the English Defense League (EDL), where he speaks about the fact that the EDL is not anti-black, anti-Asian or pro-Nazi, but instead are “anti-Islamist” or anti- radical Islam. Of particular interest is his description of areas of British towns where gays are being beaten by Muslims who are “defending” their areas (enforcing Sharia — forbidding homosexuality). Robinson also describes the enemies of the EDL – their most forceful nemesis, besides Radical Islam – is the far left. Not news to me but interesting to see it spelled out once again. Also mentioned is the conversion of British people, both white and non-white, to Islam and the fact that apparently, they tend to convert to radical Islam (strong Wahabi influence in the Mosques and Salafist). There are subtitles since his accent is thick and the questions are all typed into the video.

Link to Interview

He concludes with a warning for North America:
“It’s like they’re sleep-walking into an oblivion.
I don’t think they will realise how quickly, at the click of your fingers, your country will be the same.
Because it will happen, it’s just like – it’s not – it just so gradually happens; it’s so quick, it’s so… I mean, like, you just turn around, and, ‘Oh my God!’ Like certain estates in Luton, it’s like within five years – ‘Oh my God! The whole estate, all the schools are now Muslim – what’s happened?’

And yet, it’s just like overnight. And that’s because of the birth rate. And it’s so terrifyingly quick, the way it can just, within one generation, it can change a whole town. Within one generation.

People have to stand up now, before it happens. I wish what we’re doing now, I could have been around twenty years ago to do in Luton now. To stop the town descending the way it has. To stop the Saudi-funded Wahhabi Islamists sects getting such a grip on the town that they have. To stop them controlling the streets the way they do.

If you wish to control an area, the first thing you have to do is control the streets, so you have like a street-formed jihad, where they put their muscle on the streets, and they attack people, so they control the areas. And that’s what we’re seeing.

We should always look and learn from history. I can’t believe Britain has not learned from Lebanon. I can’t believe Britain has not looked around the world and [isn’t] learning now from Nigeria and Sudan. I can’t believe we haven’t learned in 1400 years of history of Islam. I can’t believe we haven’t looked to history. Cause that’s what we need to do: look to history to see what’s going to happen in Britain.”

old news but news Occupy San Francisco Anarchists

I am waaay behind on political posts, and most likely can’t really play catch-up, except, I saw this video by way of browsing and had to post. About a month ago, on the night before May Day in San Francisco, a group of about 50 or more “black bloc” anarchists broke away from an Occupy rally being held in Dolores Park and began to parade down Valencia Street in full battle gear — all in black with hoodies and faces covered. The mob began to smash windows of small businesses and cars — they splashed paint on windows and even attacked a police car (with a cop in it), smashing the windows and throwing a small dumpster at it before it pulled out from the curb lights flashing. Accounts of how many cars had windows smashed varies, but I hear from 17 to 30. I think the number may be in-between. Expensive Ashton Martins were smashed, and ordinary sedans — the rioters were indiscriminate. Valencia Street is home to everything from burrito and pizza joints to newer and more expensive restaurants, some of which I have enjoyed in more flush times, and — there are art galleries and clothing stores. These are all, by and large, small businesses and they have lifted Valencia Street from being a dangerous, edgy stretch of concrete, mechanic garages, punk performance spaces, independent bookstores and lesbian bars in the 80’s to a post 20th century mix of grit and upscale with plenty of hipsters, old school punks, artists, and queer people still in the mix. There are now signs of real money on the street. Even so, while not always cheap now (although there is still enough cheap because it is a mix of elements) — it is still a fun street, and the fact that it is getting more “dressed up” has not made me less happy to visit. Valencia is one of my favorite places in San Francisco — and has been my home on and off. I lived on Valencia Street for about five years, from 2004 to 2009. I loved it. In the 80’s I lived right off of it for about five years also, so it is home really. I have seen it change massively. There is a lot to do, and it is close to the park, in the sunny Mission district. In earlier times, there were quirky bookstores, and now few are left, but — even so, the street entertains and fascinates. It is becoming more “gentrified”, as they say, but there is still variety and — many of the new businesses, the restaurants and galleries, pubs, furniture stores and clothing stores are places where fine food, locally designed clothing, and quirky furniture are created, displayed and sold. There’s a bit of something for everyone really.

I can’t believe this happened. And, the police were right there, the police station doors were smashed as well. Where were they? What was going on? They were not able to arrest anyone as I remember, or — possibly only one person?

In my past, in my deepest youthful past as a kind of self-described “anarchist” myself, I might have applauded this, though I doubt I would have taken part. But, I did not understand systems, people, economics or — the value of these small businesses as I do now. This video was made by the anarchists I believe and they tack on some ridiculous claptrap at the end about “capitalism”.

I could’ve cried watching this. San Francisco is a beautiful place, one of the most beautiful places in the country — and they are lucky to live there. This is what they do to beauty.

Many live here, but some — are out of towners? Yes and no. I don’t know. I bet it is a mix. I hope I don’t know any personally, although, it is possible I do. Yes, it is very possible, that I do.

I’ve seen some crazy stuff, even a riot of two, but nothing like this. Not anything so wantonly destructive without any purpose other than to vent resentment and hate. Other riots I’ve seen have been at least touched off by acute injustice (the “white night riots” in 1979 when the killer of Harvey Milk and Mayor George Mascone was let off with manslaughter)but this? It feels very different. Just — envy, resentment, frustration and — a kind of insipid and idiotic venting, a limp rebellion meaning nothing, accomplishing nothing. Nihilism.

The lone man who tries to stop them from smashing windows is brave, and I hope there were others like him. Obviously, there were not many. Most watched, a few elderly looking diners waved (that restaurant did have its windows broken later – Tartine’s), and others walked past. I can’t really blame the older diners for waving, what could they do? The rioters look and sound to be mostly very young, although I am sure there were a few older people, even in their forties or fifties around too. I have no doubt that while most were young, a few aging anarchists ogled the excitement, maybe they raised a fist in “solidarity”. Maybe one or two braved it and stormed a window.

These slogans are getting a little old. So – 20th century? However, some dreams just don’t die off so easily. But, this is where they go, this is what that “dream” looks like.


vandalizing Valencia Street in San Francisco


I am hoping that this nonsense is not repeated again, but I have no doubt we are in for more — this particular part of Occupy wants nothing more than to foment social unrest. And, no- not all Occupy people are for this… I know they are not. Of course, this did bother a lot of folks in SF, even those who had been sympathetic to Occupy. There were, of course, those who cried that this was “not Occupy” but maybe even “cops” out to cause trouble. Well, watching this, I don’t think so. I also know that the Black Bloc really does want to cause this sort of mayhem and destruction, and will continue. Let’s hope we’re not just getting started here, but I do fear for the worst as the summer begins.


The Coming Muslim Reich | FrontPage Magazine

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted although I have been thinking of posting nearly every day. I mean, nearly every day I see news and read articles that disturb or enlighten. And, this is election season. There is so much to say, and I will attempt to make up for at least some lost time, in the coming weeks. In any event, first, from Front Page, a disturbing video showcasing the emerging threat from Egypt toward Israel.

The Coming Muslim Reich | FrontPage Magazine.