Trump Mania

I have heard that dollar bills and coins are being scattered at the foot of the naked small penis Trump statue in the Castro in San Francisco. Possibly, these are offerings of some kind. Given up without clear intention but with a half-conscious desire for some kind of appeasement or ritual dispersion of bad fortune. Possibly, the Trump statue, which has been a huge hit, and now is becoming a site of collective sacrifice — should be mass produced like those big belly Buddha statues. Of course, it would be smaller, suitable for display on a desk or even on a car dashboard. It might need a small fig leaf in order to pass muster — or maybe not. I can see rows and rows of these naked Trumps in Walmart, in Chinatown stores, in Target, and in upscale stores – possibly there they will be made of precious metals.

Possibly this will be Trump’s concession prize if he loses the election – to be immortalized like the laughing Buddha. People will rub his belly or in times of true desperation reach discretely for his nether parts, clutching them with a short tight squeeze for good luck or to swing open the pendulous doors of commerce.

Or — if Trump should win, this statue will be his trophy. Already displayed on many important crossroads and corners in major metropolitan areas. The Emperor arrives… HELLO AMERICA!


trump in sf