Ahmadinejad at the UN – anti-Free Market

Possibly, it is not altogether surprising that the far left finds common cause with totalitarian leaders like Ahmadinejad, even if most of them, with their often unconventional or libertine lives, would be entirely unacceptable in an Islamic Fundamentalist regime. Apparently, they do find things in common nonetheless, since after all, he is also aligned against free market economics as well as Israel… Here, from Libertarian Republican

“Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a speech to the United Nations this morning in New York City, specifically singled out free market capitalism for special criticism. And sounding like an old Soviet Union aparatchik he vowed that capitalism will eventually be defeated.

He stated at a speech in front of the U.N.:
United Nations (CNN) — Attending a United Nations session on alleviating world poverty Tuesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blamed capitalism for the world’s woes.

“The demanding liberal capitalism (see below) and transnational corporations have caused the suffering of countless women, men and children in so many countries,” Ahmadinejad said at a U.N. General Assembly session on the Millennium Development Goals.

“It is my firm belief that in the new millennium, we need to revert to the divine mindset, to our true nature for which man was created and, indeed, to the just and fair governance,” he said.

At past global conferences, Ahmadinejad’s strong words against Israel have prompted world leaders to walk out. But the hard-line Iranian leader’s comments Tuesday were relatively tempered.

“”Now that the discriminatory order of capitalism and the hegemonic approaches are facing defeat and are getting close to their end, all-out participation in upholding justice and prosperous interrelations is essential,” he said.

Strange bedfellows indeed – the far left and Islamic Fascist extremism. And everyone tippy-toeing to not offend Muslim sensibilities. It’s enough to make you want to become, a – Republican! And, a libertarian leaning one at that. Hah.