Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!  I’m just getting it rolling but I’m hoping that in time it will grow and become a flashpoint for thinking about politics and culture – although mainly politics.  I’m a recent traveler to the world of liberty and the right.  For many years, I was a leftist and a progressive, and while those individuals call themselves “liberal” I prefer to call them leftists.  I mean, scratch the surface and besides their take on some social causes like gay marriage, “liberal” are anything but “liberal”.   There is a totalitarian impulse that is very strong and that lurks just beneath the surface. When I discovered that, I began to change.

I am writing this blog primarily from the perspective of a classic liberal.  I believe in economic and personal liberty, small government, a strong national defense, and lower taxes.  I believe in the power of each individual to make a difference and to win or fail, based on who they are and their efforts, and I don’t see people first as their membership within a collective identity – their race, sexual orientation, sex or gender or any other characteristic.   I am an odd sort of American Patriot, and a believer in all the inspiration and beauty and clarity that western civilization has to offer.  Although I certainly value and look to other civilizations and worlds for inspiration as well.  I believe in free enterprise (that’s right – I believe in capitalism!) and our own constitutional republic, in liberal democracies, and the separation of church and state.  While I am not a social conservative by any measure,  I respect social conservatism as an impulse and discipline that has an interest in the continuity and safety of future and present generations, and which is skeptical of radical social change that is untested.  However, I am aware that often there are also narrow minded people or social luddites to be found among social conservatives, and I try to figure out who is who.  I am re-examining everything.  I am not pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice.   I am also very importantly a free speech absolutist!  My own trajectory toward a classic liberal perspective is driven by a strong dislike of censorship and any form of soft tyranny.  I am pro LGBT and against simple bigotry of any kind.  In fact, I am a trans man, a transsexual man, an FTM, so — I believe that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can bring people to transformative lives and changes outside the mainstream, and that is positive.  I am thankful, so thankful to live in this country and in this time, when I can access so many miraculous medical technologies and so much social freedom.  And, did I forget anything?  Last but not least, and this is very important, I am pro-Israel.

While I dislike identity politics, I am certainly entwined with its genesis and its complexity.  I am an American Indian on my mother’s side, and Hispanic – Sephardic (Anusim) on my father’s side.  My life has certainly defied easy categorization and so now does my political thinking.

I am also a poet and have been involved in creative pursuits my entire adult life: performances, music, a little acting, and mostly writing.  Primarily, I’ve been a poet and writer.  But, yes, I’m what used to be called a bohemian.  This makes me an unlikely classic liberal.  Although, if you really think about it — maybe not.   There is, after all,  nothing more crucial to creativity than freedom, and the imagination cannot thrive without it.      And, so, I come to celebrate, explore, speculate and write from freedom to freedom – and to share that journey with whoever visits here.  I don’t have all the answers, but I certainly am trying to enjoy and share the journey.

Welcome to Liberty Wolf!