Juan Williams – Neo-neocon can relate! (and so can I)

Neo-neocon in witnessing the recent Juan WIlliams firing is reminded of her own process of political change moving from left to right and how it felt to realize that people she thought previously were at least reasonable, were anything but…

She writes:
“I see it in Williams eyes when I happen to catch him on Fox these days: he’s spitting mad. Personally outraged, and most of all surprised.

I don’t know whether the NPR firing will lead to any political change for him, and it almost doesn’t matter. But it is interesting to watch—and to recognize—the emotional process he’s undergoing. He appears to be struggling with a sense of betrayal and of shock, because he seemed to have previously been a believer in the essential fairness of the liberal world of which he was a part….

It’s not for nothing that I have a category on the right sidebar entitled, “Leaving the circle: political apostasy” (a category to which I will assign this post when it’s done). I remember quite vividly when I first experienced the phenomenon. At the time, I was far from being a Juan Williams, having lived a relatively apolitical life. The reaction I got when I first politely voiced my relatively moderate disagreements wth the liberals who surrounded me sent me reeling, in the emotional sense.

I’ve adjusted in the many years since it first happened (neo’s not so neo any more). I’ve gotten used to it and come to expect it. But in some ways I’m still reeling, and probably always will be. It’s that profound an experience.”

I think I know exactly what she means, although certainly not everyone has reacted in this way, but certainly one proceeds with caution as one leaves the fold of the left.

Here, the short post:

The neofication of Juan Williams