checking in while traveling by train

I’m doing some traveling this week and next, to NY and then – to the Denver area. So, I won’t be as active, but the Liberty Wolf is still around – observing and attempting to make sense of the country and the culture. Amtrak is an interesting way to travel, as long as you don’t mind not taking a shower for a day or two. I’m in Chicago now, on a long layover and plan to walk around and taste some of the local brews.

Watching the budget discussions, and hoping that our debt is at least reduced or its escalation slowed. All we need is a currency crisis, and while I tend to NOT be an apocalyptic sort, that possibility certainly looms as realistic, if something is not done to curb our enormous national debt.

That’s my deep thought for today. Checking in again later, but mostly I’m on a sort of vacation.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and week!

Here, I leave you with a Gun Club song “Fire Spirit” —

Off their classic 1981 album “Fire of Love”

I can see clearly
from my diamond eyes,
I’m going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit
no-one will accept all of me
so the Fire…will stop

Up through the streets
the gunfire of cars,
going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit
no-one will take all of me
so the Fire…will stop

I will be cheating
the whole ritual,
I’m going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit
no-one will expect all of me
so the Fire..will stop

Someone will break out of the circle,
someone will turn and burn a world
someone knows a better cell
where the old north wind blows through southeast hell, yeah….

Invention was betrayed by the machine,
promised like it was promised to me
I’m going up to the mountain to see
how the last thing, will set me free, yeah…

I had to do something, I was wearing down,
I was going down….

Why can no one ever touch a Fire Spirit?
Why can no one ever hold a Fire Spirit?
Why can no one ever feel a Fire Spirit?

I am going to the mountain,
I am going to the mountain,
I am going to the montain….

I can see clearly
from my diamond eyes,
I’m going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit,
no one will accept all of me…
and the fire…will stop…

With too much patience
and too much pain,
going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit
to make amends for all of me…
and the Fire…will stop.


Uber Alles California – a flashback to Gov. Brown and now the cliff ahead

Well, for once California is behind the times and not ahead. We resuscitated Jerry Brown and fought back Carly. And apparently, we’ve now brought Kamala Harris over the line to become Attorney General. I know from someone who works in law enforcement here, that she’s not been good for our crime rate here in SF, for convicting or indicting felons, and her laxness has contributed to escalating homicides. We even refused to legalize pot and tax it to feed our starving coffers! All backwards actions.

Californians, fellow Californians – I am afraid we are heading for a rather steep cliff, and are just about – to go right over. Hope there is a soft landing there at the bottom.

(btw – I am not stating that Whitman would have been able to rescue us, but really, BROWN? I don’t think so. Totally, like, no way!)

I think the Dead Kennedys put it best back in 1979…

Caucasian Guilt – Noh Mercy flashback

In the late seventies, I remember seeing a band called “Noh Mercy” at the SF School for the Deaf on Valencia Street (a venue now gone) featuring just two women – Esmeralda and Toni. Toni was a tough, swaggering butch lesbian who was also an on and off junkie, and Esmeralda was het but a very femme and glamorous yet tough as nails dark haired singer, magnetic and sultry, yet raw. Both women were white, yes, far as I could tell. Esmeralda went on to do her own one woman thing without Toni in time, Esmeralda then simply called her act “Esmeralda”. Noh Mercy was just drums and Esmeralda’s large voice and theatrical presence, as I remember. And was one of the earliest punk bands with a very strong female presence in San Francisco. There was another then here in town called VS. Noh Mercy had a very unique sound, with just the drums and the voice. Anyway, here, an edgy and possibly ah, offensive song for some, on white guilt. It is true that in those days, certain types of art and music happened that could probably not happen now I think, people are so much more careful to not offend — back then, in that early punk scene, I think it was all about offending and breaking through artifice. I remember this song from 1979, and saw it performed live a few times. And, well, as I’ve always said, “a little white guilt goes a long ways”, and as a non-white person — I actually, find it annoying and counterproductive. Any way, here goes:

Your last best hope is you! Kathy Shaidle on speaking out and speaking freely

OK, she said, “Your last best hope should be you” and I take it that this is advice for timid Canadians who are very, very close to changing the hate speech laws in their otherwise, wonderful country — but it is good advice for all of us, no matter where we reside. When speaking truth becomes “hate speech” well, it is time to — speak the truth! And, I know many of you out there reading me may protest that the truth is relative, and while there is relatively some truth to that notion, there is also truth, with a T, and we know it and feel it when we do. And, once we have recognized it, truth with a big T, does have that way of wanting to be known, spoken, and acknowledged.

Kathy Shaidle is a Canadian, a self-described “old punk rocker” and an ex-leftist (sounds like someone I saw in the mirror except I am not a Canadian though I have a lot of relatives up there from one side of the family) AND, I am not five feet tall! I have also not been arrested for hate speech, which is another reason why, I have not applied for my dual Canadian citizenship, I want to keep it that way! I know I’ve talked about Kathy Shaidle before. Yes, she’s been charged with hate speech in Canada, and blogs at Five Feet of Fury — (being all of five feet tall) and here she’s speaking at a support for Geert Wilders Rally in Toronto.

In other words, don’t let the so-called Human Rights Commissions shut you up, shut you down or get you down. Here in the USA our HRCs don’t have this power, but in Canada, they can actually swoop in and confiscate your computer – without a warrant! They’d be looking for “hate speech” if you can believe it.