I love the French, particularly when they make sexy art!

Art students can be so clever! And, these ladies have great legs, but let’s face it folks, these women are not making a statement about the burka or niqab, they are making a sexy art project and gaining some notoriety in the process. Islam does not allow and has not invented a niqab mini-skirt for a reason, those long legs get too much attention ladies! ; ) — This is just an example of privileged women in art school showing off what western civilization has won them: individual liberty meaning the right of women to expose their legs, go to art school, create, make political statements even faux ones, and be sexy in public places! Vive la France!

I mean, this “protest” against the looming burka ban in France:

French women cause a stir in niqab and hot pants in anti-burka ban protest