Pat Condell on Free Speech and Europe –

Pat Condell, that irrepressible UK atheist, on the growing issue with free speech in Europe as more people are being put on trial and threatened with jail time simply for speaking out against what they see as Islamic extremism, or even, simply — criticizing Islam. Condell attests that multiculturalism is dead in Europe. He conveys with his usual direct and biting style how the far left in Europe now functions as the enforcer for Islamic radicalism. Taking sides with Islamic fascism while claiming to be against “fascists”. But, that has almost always been the case, has it not? Mussolini was a communist before he was a fascist, and Hitler was anti-capitalist and a man at home with universal healthcare and — jackboots. His concentration camps were echoed by Stalin.

In my observation the far left was never anything but totalitarian, so again, its true colors are made apparent by its creation of these odd alliances with fascist Islam and the enemies of free speech. Who are the real “fascists” here? Condell has an answer. The YouTube is behind the link!


Ground Zero Mosque — UK Atheist Pat Condell pulls no punches

That irrepressible English atheist Pat Condell on the Ground Zero mosque — or ah, “community center”, with a “prayer room” of course, on the top two floors… He speaks the bare and scorching truth far better than I can, and as usual, pulls no punches.

And, this newer video, also incendiary in its truth telling… “Bad Faith at Ground Zero” where he highlights Mayor Bloomberg’s financial interests in Dubai connected with Sharia finance.