So today in my old home town of San Francisco, members of the ANTIFA mob came out in support of Big Tech censorship. Marching and screeching with a maniacal efficiency, like the Big Tech censors they love, a particularly unhinged ANTIFA began the day by knocking the teeth out of the black man who organized the event — Philip Anderson. It was a sucker punch and delivered while Anderson was peacefully preparing the rally. Later, the Big Tech Censorship loving ANTIFA clones, regimented and robot-like, in identical black outfits, screeched “Black Lives Matter” oblivious to the fact that a black man had been attacked, the organizer of the event. They also screamed older totalitarian chants “Whose Streets? Our Streets!” in a chorus. It was dystopian and terrifying to anyone who was not hypnotized by the same ideological nightmare. They succeeded in bullying the Free Speech rally participants, their brown shirt tactics making it too difficult for anyone who celebrated and loved free thought to remain. When Philip Anderson took to the stage, even without one of his front teeth, and with his mouth full of blood — courageous and authentic, calm, determined to continue — the crowd saw blood and felt it, their frenzy built to a roar. They continued to pelt the speakers with bottles. They continued to chant in zombie-like voices. The free speech rally was going to protest Twitter’s recent censorship, in front of Twitter, but the ANTIFA mob made that impossible. Rallying to the aid of Twitter ANTIFA and assorted minions made sure that everyone understood that San Francisco was under the authority of Big Tech, that no one could dare to question its authority to censor speech and control the thoughts and minds of Americans and people the world over. This would be the way it was. From a city that once stood for love and the expansion of consciousness to one that now stands for technocratic censorship defended by terrorist clones — the world weeps San Francisco. The world weeps.

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The organizer of the free speech event has already been jumped by antifa heavy police presence.

Originally tweeted by Andrew Duncomb (Black Rebel) (@SpaceForceUSA_) on October 17, 2020.


The Super Secret Racist History of…

I never was a big square dancer but in spite of its super secret, racist history I will continue to square dance if I have the chance. Even though I was indoctrinated into this white supremacist ritual at an early age, probably 1st grade if I remember correctly, why let Henry Ford and his lunacy kill a fun thing? After all, Ford was wrong thinking people didn’t get drunk, stumble around in the dark and have wild sex with someone they just met at the square dance in a haystack afterwards. It happened I am sure. Square dancing provided a site of moral temptation to many.

In fact, the people who had the right idea on morals and dancing were the earlier Puritans who disdained all dancing. No dancing at all prevents moral slips! It also prevents FUN, which is also a tool of Jews conspiring to make white people subject to African secret sex rituals! Any kind of fun should be suspect. Square dancing might look like white supremacy unleashed but I do contend it is actually a rank and bottomless pit of amoral instinct unleashed by bodily motion. After all anything involving movement of the body might be linked to Africa. Or, to secret European human sacrifice dances done before those pale savages were properly and (nearly) permanently made into dour if earnest handmaidens to Christ. So since dancing is just risky, no matter which way you look at it, I will continue to risk my morally upright character and dance. All dances, all national dances, all countries and styles! However, I will not polka dance. That is too square and corny. No way. A lively square dance, preferably in the company of goofy white people in funny hats — can be sexy and most importantly NOT CORNY in the right circumstances I guess… 😉 Corny is the limit for me. But corniness is socially constructed to one degree or another. I think…

Hollywood – No Longer a Moral Beacon!

meryl streep crying one

I guess Hollywood is no longer going to be seen as a moral beacon. What a shock. Now Dustin Hoffman, George Takei, Gary Goddard, and Richard Dreyfuss have been accused and the list keeps growing.  I wonder if all the films made by these men will now have to be deleted from the theaters.

I hope not. I would much rather see debauched sociopaths carrying on (from a safe distance) than preachy Pollyannas.

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The Tedious Whine of the Non-Binary Hairy Actress

gender hairy actress

When did people in drag get so whiny? I mean, Ru Paul is not a whiner, neither was Divine. They didn’t position themselves as pushing new beauty standards and Ru Paul still doesn’t to my knowledge. Drag queens play with gender and appearance and gender roles and are having fun and doing theater that is both free wheeling satire and social commentary. They LIKE to offend. They were not pushing for social acceptance. Divine was not screeching that all men had to marry wives that look like her though many do.

So, this new whiny attitude of “please open your mind and accept my hairy face and ass in a dress as beautiful – I am non-binary” is very unbecoming. This “please PLEASE see me as a beauty queen” is not a rebel cry of “fuck you” but rather — “please PLEASE PLEASE fuck me!” (excuse the French but nothing says sex like French). Anyway… since when was queer not a fuck you but a “cry for acceptance”? Didn’t it used to be called “gender fuck”? As in “fuck you — not PLEASE PLEASE LIKE ME!” Whiny!
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Trump Mania

I have heard that dollar bills and coins are being scattered at the foot of the naked small penis Trump statue in the Castro in San Francisco. Possibly, these are offerings of some kind. Given up without clear intention but with a half-conscious desire for some kind of appeasement or ritual dispersion of bad fortune. Possibly, the Trump statue, which has been a huge hit, and now is becoming a site of collective sacrifice — should be mass produced like those big belly Buddha statues. Of course, it would be smaller, suitable for display on a desk or even on a car dashboard. It might need a small fig leaf in order to pass muster — or maybe not. I can see rows and rows of these naked Trumps in Walmart, in Chinatown stores, in Target, and in upscale stores – possibly there they will be made of precious metals.

Possibly this will be Trump’s concession prize if he loses the election – to be immortalized like the laughing Buddha. People will rub his belly or in times of true desperation reach discretely for his nether parts, clutching them with a short tight squeeze for good luck or to swing open the pendulous doors of commerce.

Or — if Trump should win, this statue will be his trophy. Already displayed on many important crossroads and corners in major metropolitan areas. The Emperor arrives… HELLO AMERICA!


trump in sf

The Orlando Terrorist Attack

I was watching as the shooting unfolded last night on social media. Horrific and no words. This was a massacre that was targeting the LGBT community but its tentacles reach even farther. This is not the first time an attack of this nature has occurred in this country, or in the world, even if the LGBT community has not been so specifically targeted before. The shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call before the shooting and mentioned the Boston Marathon bombing in the call. He was already under investigation by the FBI previous to the shooting for possible ties to Islamic radicalism. Islamic radicalism is a scourge that must be eliminated in every and all ways possible, with strategic diligence. (and yes, all Muslims are not involved in this but it is still a huge issue WORLDWIDE) We have been under notice for some time, that ISIS cells are in this country as they have claimed to be in 17 states, this is their claim. I have no doubt that what they claim may in fact be true. I take ISIS and other Islamic radical groups at their word and have no doubt that they will try to carry out their intentions. Anything else is a denial of reality and frankly a condescension. While the LGBT world has other groups that cast aspersion on us and other individuals that dislike or hate us, this particular attacker has claimed responsibility. Trying to foist responsibility on “all religions” or on white Christians, Republicans or even just guns — is completely wrong. It is a product of Islamic radicalism and a certain horrific and anti-western ideology that committed the Paris attacks, Boston Marathon, 9/11, attacks in Kenya, Nigeria and — many others. The target is not only the LGBT world but freedom.

I mourn for all those killed and injured in this terror.

Time to decouple from the far left trans people!


cropped-r3594340217.jpgA letter to my fellow trans people:
About the recent Caitlyn Jenner controversy regarding her support for Ted Cruz and her conservative views: It is true that not all transsexuals are in the tank for the far left, or are “feeling the Bern”. Some of us are not even voting for Hillary. Continue reading